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Mason was born at 31weeks weighing a tiny 2lb 4oz. Mason was taken to the NICU for respiratory and nutrional support. At 3 weeks old his parents received a heartbreaking phone call, Mason had fell poorly with an infection ( Necrotising enterocolitis ) which kills the bowel and eventually the baby, he was blue lighted straight to jessop wing for life saving surgery with only a survial rate of 25%. After 8 long hours mason returned alive but critically ill. Following a routine brain scan our world fell apart, mason had suffered a bleed on the brain both sides, front to back. The money will go toward improving the family home to help Mason live as much as a normal, less stressful life as possible.

Sponsor a rider in support of Lings Bar Hospital

Lings Bar Hospital In memory of Joyce Green who sadly passed away with advance dementia and terminal cancer. The hospital are looking to buy some new blood testing equipment to monitor patients flow of blood that is less intervening than the current machine making blood monitoring much easier and less uncomfortable for the patient.